Nirmanakaya has eight characteristics:

  1. Nirmanakaya Basis,
  2. Nirmanakaya Cause,
  3. Nirmanakaya Field,
  4. Nirmanakaya Time,
  5. Nirmanakaya Nature,
  6. Nirmanakaya Engaging,
  7. Nirmanakaya Maturing, and
  8. Nirmanakaya Liberating.
The Ornament of Mahayana Sutra says:
This emanation body of the Buddha is a great method for full liberation which manifests consistently as an artist, birth, great enlightenment, and parinirvana.
The Unsurpassed Tantra says:
Through various forms, apparitional by nature
The one excellently born into the highest birth
Descends from that “Realm of Great Joy,”
Enters the royal womb and is nobly born on Earth.
Perfectly skilled in every science and craft,
Delighting in his royal consorts’ company,
Renouncing, enduring hardship,
Going to the place called “Enlightenment’s Very Heart,”
He vanquishes the hosts of mara.
Then, perfect enlightenment, he turns the Wheel of Dharma
And passes into nirvana—in all those places, so impure,
The Nirmanakaya shows these deeds as long as worlds endure.
The Unsurpassed Tantra says:
This form causes beings to enter into the path of nirvana and become fully mature.
These are the eight characteristics of Nirmanakaya.
The Ornament of Clear Realization says:
The impartial activities of the body—the unceasing Nirmanakaya
of the Sage variously benefits all sentient beings as long as samsara exists.
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