Three Roots

Roots, Three Roots.

  1. The lamas (guru), that is to say, the source lama and the lamas of the lineage, are the root of the grace. The guru is the source of inspiration and enables one to experience the nature of one’s own mind.
  2. The yidams, the root of accomplishments. The yidams are the source of siddhis. Yidams are sambhogakaya forms – subtle manifestations of dharmakaya – only directly experienced by realized bodhisattva. In the vajrayana they are visualized as objects of meditation. As meditational deities, yidams embody the practitioner’s enlightened nature.
  3. The protectors of the Dharma and the dakinis, the root of activity that removes obstacles on the path. The dharmapalas and dakinis are also sambhogakaya forms. They are the source of actions and protect the practitioner from obstacles along the way to buddhahood. Both yidams and dharmapalas are in their essence inseparable from the guru
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