Volunteer Support




In order to maintain and sustain our temple building and missions, we rely on our members for their voluntary help. Please indicate your interest in one or more of the following voluntary teams:


  • Orientation Team – welcoming and orienting new people and members to the temple
  • Event Program Team – organizing, supporting and managing dharma events, including administrative and logistics support, tea/snack, flower and transportation
  • Dharma Material Team – preparing, producing, printing and maintaining dharma sadhana, prayer booklet, deity visualization photo, and other texts required for dharma events
  • Community Outreach Team – organizing, supporting and managing community outreach and public relation activities to bring BuddhaDharma to local Universities, Colleges and other groups or organizations
  • Temple Maintenance Team – housekeeping and maintaining the temple building, including the Shrine Hall and Altar
  • Temple Kitchen Team – keeping and maintaining an orderly and efficient Temple kitchen, including preparation and serving meals for the Lamas and event participants at the Temple
  • Fundraising Team – planning, supporting and managing fundraising events and activities
  • Grief Care Support Team – supporting grief care including Buddhist funeral ceremonies and rites for the dead, as well as blessing pujas for the living and the deceased
  • Website Team – establishing, updating and maintaining temple website and information communication technologies
  • Garden Team – maintaining front and back yards of the temple, including landscaping, lawn mowing and tree trimming
  • Finance & Accounting Team – preparing, tracking and reporting on finance, budget, tax filing, and banking


You can reach us at DrikungDharmaSurya@gmail.com to sign up.


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