Bodhichitta The mind of enlightenment. This is a key word in the Mahayana.

On the relative level, it is the wish to attain Buddhahood for the sake of all beings and the practice necessary to do this.
On the absolute level, it is the direct insight into the ultimate nature of self and phenomena.

Literally, “awakened mind”; denotes the “refining away” (jang) of all flaws and distortions;
the consummate state (chhub) of all qualities of the kayas, timeless awareness, the path, and the goal; and “mind” (sem) as the ground for the arising of everything in equal purity [heart of enlightened essence;
thrust/intent toward pellucidity and consummation of the whole cognitive domain;
inner potential for limpid dearness and consummate perspicacity;
(primordial) state of pure and total presence;
Primordial State of the individual

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