Dharmakaya (Tib. chos.sku/dio-ku): One of the three bodies of a Buddha. It denotes the ultimate nature of Buddha’s wisdom form, which is nonconceptual and undefinable.

Dharmakaya is merely labeled as the exhaustion of all errors through realization of the meaning of the all-pervading emptiness of all phenomena, or as the mere reverse of the nature of confused projection. In reality, it does not possess in any way whatsoever the identification, characteristics, or the designation of “Dharmakaya.” This is just as Milarepa said.

If expressed from another angle, Dharmakaya has eight characteristics:

  1. Sameness,
  2. Profundity,
  3. Permanence,
  4. Oneness,
  5. Perfection,
  6. Purity,
  7. Radiance, and
  8. Relationship to Enjoyment.
The Unsurpassed Tantra says:
Beginrtingless, centerless and endless
Completely indivisible,
Free from the two,
Free from the three,
Stainless and concept-free—
Such is the Dharmadhatu.
Understanding of its nature is the vision
Of the yogin who abides in meditation.
The Ornament of Mahayana Sutra says:
The Nature-body is sameness, subtle, and related to enjoyment.
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