Sambhogakaya has eight characteristics:

  1. Surroundings.,
  2. Field of Enjoyment,
  3. Form of Enjoyment,
  4. Marks,Full Enjoyment of Dharma,
  5. Buddha Activities,
  6. Spontaneity, and
  7. Naturally Nonexistent
The Ornament of Mahayana Sutra says:
Sambhogakaya, in all the Buddhafields,
Is differentiated by
The gathered surroundings, field, marks,
Form, complete enjoyment of Dharma, and activities.
Also, the Ornament of Clear Realization says:
Being master of the thirty-two major and eighty minor marks
and because it enjoys the Mahayana teachings, it is called the
Sambhogakaya of the Sage.
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