THE TEMPLE PROJECT has been implemented in multiple phases. More than one of these phases may be implemented simultaneously depending on the amount of donations received.

  • Phase 1 – Land & Infrastructure.  Once the property in Fairfax County of Northern Virginia is secured and zoning permission received, it is ritually consecrated.
  • Phase 2 Lama Quarters.  Provide up to 4 private rooms and associated facilities capable of accommodating up to 8 people.
  • Phase 3 – Services Areas.  Accommodate gatherings, Dharma workshop, comfortable dining hall, and rest rooms.
  • Phase 4 – Library, Tibetan Culture Room & Gift Shop.
    • Offer a Shravasti library of BuddhaDharma resources of different languages (such as Tibetan, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Japanese, English), to include Buddhist books, scriptures, teachings, commentaries, as well as Tibet’s ancient traditions of art, cultural artifacts, gallery and archives.
    • A separate boutique gift shop for the purpose of providing study and ritual materials for Buddhist practitioners as well as for any gift occasion. The shop offers many unique Buddhist ritual items from Nepal and India, to include an eclectic selection of Buddhist books, scriptures, teachings, commentaries, paintings, Buddha statues, incense, prayer flags, mala beads, ritual instruments, thangkas, katas, t-shirts, other clothing, and many other unique treasures.
  • Phase 5 – Shrine/Meditation Hall with Surrounding Prayer Wheels.
    • Shrine/Meditation Hall, symbolizing the legendary Mount Meru, center of the universe, capable of accommodating up to 150 people for teachings and meditation practices.  Included inside are a main shrine with statues of the Victorious One (the Buddha of our times) along with the glorious deities such as Compassion Buddha (Avalokiteshvara) and White Tara, Dharma protectors, and lineage lamas, decorated with various thangkas, mandalas, and auspicious symbols.
    • Prayer area for recitation of Buddhist scriptures, prayer and mantra chanting.
    • Prayer Wheels installed outside the Shrine/Meditation containing millions of mantras of deities and Dharma protectors.  Just touching the prayer wheel brings great purification of negative karma and obscurations.
  • Phase 6 –  Walkway and General Landscape.
    • Provide peaceful walking paths between the Center’s buildings and space for parking vehicles.
    • Inside the perimeter is simple landscape with an inviting Zen garden, flanked by jewel-shaped juniper bushes and evergreen trees, surrounded by various statues of the Buddhas and their teachings as well as the 37 Bodhisattva Practices.


“THE GOAL OF the Center [DDSC] is to generate loving kindness and peace – peace in the individual, peace within families, communities, peace within other faiths, peace among all beings. And then we make a big impact in this life. That generates for future lives. This Center can then benefit for many, many generations.”

“The Center remains in the future for thousands of years…It becomes a space where beings can always learn about karma…Center is a source of merit for all future lives…This merit will become the cause of rebirth in the happy states in all future lives and ultimately the cause of attaining enlightenment…Thus, I hope that people will contribute to the Center in whichever way they can be, through financial means, or through service, or through training their minds.”

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, Fairfax, Virginia