In Memoriam

With deepest love and gratitude for our beloved sangha friends and family, whom we pray now benefit beings from the glorious Pure Land of Great Bliss, Dewachen.
Those who have passed are listed herein.  The list continues to be updated.

Photos of deceased beloveds are also included in the photo slide viewer on the LCD monitor installed in the DDSC temple shrinehall that houses the Buddha Shakyamuni, White Tara and Thousand-Armed Avalokiteshvara statues consecrated with the relics of Lord Buddha Shakyamuni and other enlightened Masters embedded and sealed inside the statues, pervaded by 24 x 7 audio CD chanting sound of sacred Mani, White Tara and Vajrakilaya mantras.  The Buddha relics are known to have tremendous power and can bring great blessings to individuals and the surroundings, where family, relatives and friends can visit the temple, circumambulate and make offerings as well as participate in practices that will benefit themselves and the deceased beloveds.

Garchen Rinpoche has also said that the DDSC temple shrinehall is actually the stupa itself. As the symbol of the Buddha’s enlightened mind, the stupa is a field of enormous merit which benefits all beings by preventing disease, obstacles and war, and by promoting harmony, prosperity, longevity, good health and peace. The stupa brings blessings to the surrounding environment in which it will be built, to those who build it, and to those who visit and venerate it. Making any connection with the stupa is a particular blessing for those who are sick, dying, or experiencing obstacles.  Simply seeing, making prostrations or circumambulating the stupa will be of benefit to all.

May they continue to benefit beings in all their future lives.

Helpful Texts for the Dying and Deceased

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Dying & Death Instructions by Garchen Rinpoche (ENGLISH)
Chỉ dẫn Lúc Lâm Chung – Dying & Death Instructions by Garchen Rinpoche (VIETNAMESE)
Үхлийн тухай зөвлөмж Гарчэн – Dying & Death Instruction by Garchen Rinpoche (MONGOLIAN)
Prayer to be Reborn in Dewachen
Wishing Prayers of Dewachen
Kuntuzangpo Prayers
Aspiration of Sukhavati
Buddha Amitabha Sadhana
How to Visualize Amitabha at the Time of Death

Phowa is the practice of directly transferring the consciousness of the deceased to Amitabha’s Pure Land of Dewachen. In the best case, the consciousness of the deceased will experience rebirth in the pure land of Amitabha buddha. Failing that, the practice is said to help ensure a happy rebirth in the higher realms.  It is traditionally believed in Tibet that even those who have accumulated great negative karma have a chance for attaining enlightenment through the practice of Phowa.

H.E. Garchen Rinpoche strongly encourages you to use the audio recording of him chanting the Phowa Prayer for your loved one who has just passed away.  Garchen Rinpoche says playing this recording is exactly the same benefit as requesting a puja but even better because you can play it immediately after their last breath.


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Prof. Loo Hay Lee
Bui Van Cu
Le Thi Chin
Nguyen Thi Phuong
Nguyen Van Tan
Mdy Tay Ah Ngoh
Jeremy Stowell
Le Van Thiep
Tran Van Hiep
Jacqueline Wilkinson
Tina Guzman
Roy Werner
Jargal Baljir
James Alan Arthur III
Raymond Ellsworth Pettingall, Jr
Viola Clara Grahl Liptok
Nguyễn Đình Nhơn
David Biss
Alexei Navalny

Manor Folsom
Lee Chaw Book
Barbara Ann Myers
Bernadette Murray
Chong Swee Mooi
Esperanza Stuart
Huguette Helmann
Mikhail Volkov
Dr. Shribhagwan Kaushik
Eric Glyn Stacy Jr.
Tran Binh Quang
Viraj Gurung
Tam Yuk Sim
Lam Sung Hing Ada
Leandro Soto-Ortiz
Oscar Hemminger

George Chau Trinh
Loh Yong Kiat
Foo Ming Yong
Đỗ Thị Nhạn

Bui Thanh My
Nguyễn Hoàng Triệu
Trần Thị Cúc
Do Hung Phat
Lê Thiệu Hùng
Đào T T Chí
Le Van Muoi
Maria Teresa Londono
Nguyễn Đức Hạnh
Lê Thị Quất
Vu Thi Kim Chau
Donald Nelson
Ton That Minh
Prem Lama
Ta Thi Phuong
Dilli Junoi Tamanoi
Nguyễn Thị Ánh
Ronald Grieci 
Prada Lee
Paul William Gately

Nguyen Huu Le
Nguyen Le Nhieu
Tsundu Wangmo
Tran Binh Thoi
Vuong Thi Ngo
Nguyen Van Anh
Tran Thi Binh Vinh
Nguyen Le Nhung
Tran Trinh Thuan – Vi Khue
Chu Ba Anh
Chu Tam Anh
Matilde Roldan Salguero Vda de Sarmientos
Eneida Herrera
Nguyen Bon
Nguyễn thi Nhã
Nguyen Thi Hoa
Nguyễn Khánh Hằng
Sowpackiavathi Balaratnaraj
Zheng, Ren Wen

Cookie Bui
Muffin Dinh
Barbell Dinh
Winny Irawati Jogasurya (Ko Kwie Tjwan)
Pema Wangyal
Huỳnh thi Kim Anh
Trần Thị Kính
Tôn Nữ Thanh Lan
Ravi Parthasarath
Tenzin Choeku Dengkhim
Tserendolgor Gonchig
Dennis Sean Thomann IV
Curtis Varnell Spear Jr. & Patricia Loftin Spear
Scott Myers
Donald Dillbeck
Fang, Lan Ying

Daniel (Dan) Walden
Daniel Hughes