Dharma (Tib. chos/cho): This term has varied meanings depending on the context.

1- The teachings of the Buddha (buddha dharma) and the underlying meaning of the teachings.  It refers to the holy teachings of Lord Buddha, categorized in two parts:

The Dharma which is studied and

That truth upon which all Buddhist practices, scriptures, and philosophy have a foundation.

The Dharma which has been realized.

The Buddhas’ appear to establish the manifestations of the Dharma in the world.

2- Any object, idea, or phenomena which can be defined as an entity of some sort. In this usage within Buddhist texts, dharma resembles the English word “thing” while having a wider and more inclusive meaning than physical objects.
3-The object of the sixth sense faculty: the conceptual mind. In this specific use, dharma represents any mental object (thought, image, memory,sensation) which is recognized by the conscious mind.

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