THE TEMPLE PROJECT envisions a much needed physical Drikung Dharma Surya temple for everyone to learn the teachings of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha and to bring benefits to others in the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and beyond.  The Temple design accommodates the surroundings and balance with Nature. The temple is equipped modern facilities in order to accommodate a large gathering of up to 200 people, where various Dharma activities can be held.

“Only if we possess a physical building, can the Center become stable.  Then we are able to provide a stable place for beings to study and practice the Buddhadharma.  Everyone supporting this will accumulate vast merit through their contribution to this great activity.  Even beyond this lifetime, you will gather merit for as long as this place exists.  It is like pouring a drop of water into the vast ocean.  The drop will remain inseparable from the ocean for as long as the ocean exists.”

 “The actual merit comes from benefiting the Center with a loving mind.  All happiness in this world comes from love, and all suffering comes from ego-grasping.  The supreme happiness is love.  ‘Gathering merit through Dharma’ means to increase love, and I therefore encourage you to support the physical structure of the Dharma Center.”

His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche




THE TEMPLE PROVIDES a place where everyone can learn Dharma teachings and practices taught by the Buddha and Great Masters of India and Tibet, and engage in practice and retreat.  This Temple is open to all traditions.  It is being established in Fairfax County of Northern Virginia near the Nation’s Capital of America – the country blessed with many attributes. We pray that through our efforts in sharing this precious resource of the Buddhadharma, many people will be able to benefit in the future, and that this Temple will abide for as long as sentient beings exist.

The Benefits

  • Afford a conducive and protective physical environment accessible to everyone for study and practice of Buddhadharma.
  • Offer much-needed resources, space and capacity for the growing number of Buddhist communities in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area – to support regular classes, meditation sessions, empowerments, rite/ritual ceremonies, prayers/pujas, retreats, outreach and inter-religious programs, and unique cultural heritages.
  • Serve as the base to build a monastic Sangha community for the Buddhadharma to take root and truly flourish in America.
  • Provide ideal accommodations for resident lamas and visiting lamas and teachers.