Khenpo Thupsang

Khenpo Konchok Thupsang was born in Tibet and had his early training at the Gar Monastery in eastern Tibet. He later had nine years of Dharma education at Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute in Chauntra, India.   Khenpo Thupsang entered the Kagyue Monastery in Tibet at the age of 15 and he further studied sutra and tantra in the Dzongar Buddhist College. Since then, Khenpo has been abbot and teacher at the Lhagon Jangchub Choling Buddhist Cultural Society in India for several years.

Khenpo Thupsang recently came to the USA to teach Dharma in the Garchen Rinpoche sanghas. During the recent COVID-19 health quarantine, Khenpo has been in DDSC reciting prayers and Kangyur texts.