Puja is a skillful tantric practice of purification using the power of mantra, the power of concentration, and the power of Buddha’s words of truth.  Pujas are rituals that involve visualization, recitation of mantras and prayers and making offerings to the enlightened beings (Buddhas/Deities).  Pujas are performed to receive the blessings of enlightened beings, accumulate merit, and dispel obstacles and negative circumstances.

In traditional Buddhist culture, lay people make offerings and request pujas to increase positive circumstances and success in spiritual and worldly affairs as well as to deal with or avert problems that may occur in these areas.

Each puja is centered around a Buddha figure specifically suited to perform a given function such as removing obstacles or pacifying illness.

When requested, sponsored puja will be performed by Venerable Khenpo Samdup joined by DDSC practitioners, as well as by monks in monasteries in India, Nepal and Tibet, if so wished.  The public can participate in the puja if desired.  No registration required to sit in on the puja.


Pujas can be sponsored to benefit oneself or another, for the living or the deceased (or the dying).  Pujas sponsored at DDSC will be primarily performed by the DDSC resident lama, Venerable Khenpo Samdup, joined by other lamas and practitioners as possible.

Click on the donate button here to make a donation toward the puja to request a prayer, so that you or a loved one receives dedications of the merit at the end of the puja. 

  • For the Living, please provide name(s) in the “Comments” box of this Donation, and specify types of Puja desired:  1) Healing, Health and Longevity, 2) Removal of Obstacles, 3) Dharma Protection, or 4) Wisdom & Spiritual Accomplishments.
  • For the Deceased, please provide name(s) in the “Comments” box of this Donation, and specify type(s) of puja for the loved ones:  1) Buddha Amitabha, 2) Drikung Phowa, 3) Combined Buddha Amitabha, Chenrezig and Vajrapani , or 4) 49-day Sur Practice.

In traditional settings, when a puja is requested, an offering is made with the request. The offering is a form of the practice of generosity which enables the one making the request to accumulate merits that further enhance the effectiveness of the ritual. Making an offering toward the puja creates a connection between the person being prayed for and the prayers being made.  If the requested offering involves a hardship, please contact DDSC so that accommodations can be made.

When Venerable Khenpo Samdup (joined by other lamas and practitioners) leads the puja, it will be performed in Tibetan. When an English-speaking DDSC practitioner is assisting the puja, he/she will alternatively guide participants make prayers in English through the DDSC puja prayer book.

If requested, prayers or pujas can be also performed in conjunction at one of the monasteries with which DDSC is affiliated such as Drikung Kagyu Monastery and Shedra, and Drikung Kagyu Nunnery.


Please click the below links to download and fill in the Buddha Amitabha JangChog Ritual form or Long Life Prayer form for your loved ones.

Amitabha Jang Chog Ritual Form (English)                              Phiếu Cầu Siêu (Việt Nam)

Long Life Prayer Form (English)                                                   Phiếu Cầu An (Việt Nam)