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The fourteen fundamental mantric downfalls

At the command of Kyabje Garchen Triptrül Rinpoche Disclosure of the fourteen fundamental mantric downfalls: The vajra holders have taught that accomplishments follow after the master. Because of that, to mistreat the master is explained as the first fundamental downfall. To transgress the commands of Those Gone to Bliss is said to be the second […]

Genuine devotion and understanding the teachings

For the sake of all the sentient beings, one must see the truth, and eliminate this clinging to the self of the person and the self of the phenomena. Most of the time, our inspiration and devotion are very emotionally oriented. To do that, one has to have tsültrim, discipline, and then one must hear […]

How do we cultivate love without it being contrived?

Question: Rinpoche, you often mention the importance of compassion and love as the essence of practice and realization. How do we cultivate it without it being contrived? I have been taught that compassion is a naturally arising quality of the spontaneous nature of mind, so is it more important to spend time trying to rest […]