The fourteen fundamental mantric downfalls

At the command of Kyabje Garchen Triptrül Rinpoche
QD.EDisclosure of the fourteen fundamental mantric downfalls:

  1. The vajra holders have taught that accomplishments follow after the master. Because of that, to mistreat the master is explained as the first fundamental downfall.
  2. To transgress the commands of Those Gone to Bliss is said to be the second downfall.
  3. To be angry with vajra siblings is the third [point] described as a fault.
  4. The Conqueror taught that to abandon love for sentient ones is fourth.
  5. The root of Dharma is bodhicitta. To abandon it is fifth.
  6. To demean the teachings [that are] one’s own or others’ doctrines is sixth.
  7. To proclaim that which is secret to sentient beings who are wholly immature is seventh.
  8. The aggregate is the very nature of the five buddhas. To abuse it is eighth.
  9. To give rise to skepticism about naturally pure phenomena is ninth.
  10. Always treating evil ones affectionately is held as tenth.
  11. To conceptualize about phenomena that are free from name and [form] is eleventh.
  12. To elicit weariness in the minds of sentient ones who have faith is twelfth.
  13. As for the samayas, not attending to how they are acquired is thirteenth.
  14. To engage in demeaning women, who are the nature of transcendent awareness, is fourteenth.

When these are abandoned by mantrins, accomplishments will surely be attained.
I reveal and relinquish degraded and broken samayas of Body, Speech and Mind [in their] fundamental and auxiliary [aspects], and every downfall [arisen] from faults, together with their mass of defilements.
Please bestow your blessing that they be cleansed and made pure! This was composed by Āchārya Bhawila.
At the command of Kyabje Garchen Triptrül Rinpoche, this was translated into English by the disciple Ari-ma. © 2009 The Gar Chöding Trust. All rights reserved.