It is not possible to reach Awakening as long as we consider our body and the manifested world …

It is not possible to reach Awakening as long as we consider our body and the manifested world endowed with an existence made up of the four elements (earth, water, fire, and air), and that these elements have themselves a true material existence. This perception is false.

This is why during the phase of creation, one meditates on the external world as a pure land, the house as a divine palace, and oneself and all other beings as having the body of the deity.

There is nothing conceived as materially existent, but everything is looked upon as the unsubstantial union of appearance and emptiness.

Similarly, we give a real existence to outer sounds formed by contact with the four elements, as well as inner sounds which are the speech of all beings. For this reason, sounds are interpreted and judged as pleasant or unpleasant, as sources of pleasure, fear, or annoyance.

In the phase of creation, all sounds are considered as the mantra. Having no reality of their own, they are the union of sound and emptiness.

The mind itself is empty. Many thoughts and conflicting emotions proceed from it. They are as empty as the mind that produces them, but nevertheless are considered as real entities.

The emptiness of the mind is similar to the ocean, and the thoughts to waves that rise and fall without interruption on the surface. Waves are none other than the ocean, and thoughts are none other than the mind. Misunderstanding this reality, we wander endlessly in the cycle of existence.

The disciple must be introduced to the realization of the true nature of his or her mind by a competent master, and then must meditate. When the disciple effectively reaches this recognition, the waves of the mind are reabsorbed in the immensity of primordial awareness.

It is realization of Mahamudra or Maha-ati, the union of intelligence and emptiness, to which the phase of completion leads.

– Kalu Rinpoche–Secret Buddhism/Vajrayana Practices