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“Each person must find his or her own path. Nonetheless, seek guidance from wise and compassionate people and listen to them earnestly.     This will help you find the best way to proceed – now and in the future.” – Karmapa on Guidance


“THE WAY OF THE WARRIOR”  A practicing Bodhisattva seeks to conquer his formidable enemies – his egoistic delusion and all its forces – and then seeks to help others enslaved by similar adversaries. The main purpose of this training is the development of superior wisdom.  Liberation from inner delusions and their resulting miseries is achieved […]

The Wheel of Blessing and Power/The Meaning of HUNG

  The Wheel of Blessing and Power  An Explanation of the Glorious Drikung Kagyu Logo The Sun, the Moon, and the Hung Syllable Translated by Khenpo Konchok TamphelOm Svasti! I bow at the feet of Lord Vajradhara, Lodro Rinchen, and Dewegon, Danun, Nagarjuna, Shavari, and Tilipa, Naro, Metri, Marpa, Mila, Dagpo, and Dorje Gyal, And […]

Vajrasattva Purification Meditation

VAJRASATTVA PURIFICATION MEDITATION The Vajrasattva meditation begins with the visualization of a lotus over the very top of your head. It is important in this meditation that you think of yourself in your ordinary form, not in any transformed condition, but just as your ordinary self, complete with all of your defilements accumulated from beginningless […]

Om Ah Hung Vajra Recitation

OM AH HUNG Vajra Recitation   This instruction on the vajra recitation of the syllables Om, Ah, Hum was given by Drigung Kyabje Garchen Rinpoche in commentary on Mahasiddha Tilopa’s Pith Instructions on Mahamudra (Skt. Mahamudra Upadesha). Specifically, it is in reference to the line, “If people of inferior intelligence [can] not abide in the […]