A practicing Bodhisattva seeks to conquer his formidable enemies – his egoistic delusion and all its forces – and then seeks to help others enslaved by similar adversaries.
The main purpose of this training is the development of superior wisdom. 
Liberation from inner delusions and their resulting miseries is achieved only by means of transcendental wisdom.
This transcendental wisdom comes about through the perfection of insight meditation.
Whereas listening, reading, and absorbing bring about conceptual knowledge, critical examination produces a determined view of reality.
And even though this discrimination contains inherent limitations, such “worldly” wisdom nonetheless serves as an avenue to deeper insight.

 The great Buddhist master Nagarjuna expressed it in these words:
One cannot realize the ultimate reality without relying on conceptual knowledge;
one cannot realize nirvanic enlightenment without realizing the ultimate reality.

 One must clearly understand:
One cannot achieve enlightenment without bodhichitta!
This path from the progressive nurturing of bodhichitta to its realization – is the path of the
Bodhisattva, the warrior.