Do what is important

The Dharma has two aspects exposition and practice. Exposition is only the work of the mouth, and many there are who do not practice the teachings explained. As the saying goes “Many have heard the Doctrine, but those who implement it are few. Often those who have practiced a little are side tracked and get lost.”

As far as the Dharma is concerned, practice is more important than teaching and talking. The Dharma is something that we really have to do… It is better, moreover, to follow single-mindedly the instructions received from our teachers than to practice on the basis of our own book-learning and intelligence…

Of all our activities, the most important is to sit and practice. We should not move around too much, we should must remain on our seat. We will only stumble if we get up. We should sit properly, not too stiffly, and remember that the best practitioners wear out their meditation cushions, not the soles of their shoes.

Translated by Padmakara Translation Group
Excerpted from Enlightened Courage
Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche