What is mahamudra? It is the Buddha nature, the basic mind within all sentient beings. To know it is to know the true nature of all phenomena, and to actualize it is to become a Buddha, to be one with all the Buddha qualities.
The Buddha nature, mahamudra, is there always, but for those whose attention is turned away from it, it remains a secret. To discover it, to uncover it, requires practice and the guidance of a truly spiritual teacher.

Mahamudra is beyond thought and even further beyond words – inconceivable and inexpressible. It is enlightenment, the pure basic mind, the essence of meaning, the true nature, emptiness; all of these phrases are attempts to point to a moon which the student cannot yet see. Those who have realized mahamudra know that it can be done; and, to suggest what that realization means, they speak of the unity of emptiness and appearance, of pure form and emptiness, of the relative and the absolute.  Realizing this unity is realizing mahamudra.

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