Reminder – Special Yamantaka Teachings & Empowerment Event with Garchen Rinpoche on April 12-13, 2014, Virginia USA

Drikung Dharma CenterDearest Dharma Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

This serves as a reminder of the Special Yamantaka teachings and empowerment to be bestowed by Garchen Rinpoche on April 12 and 13, 2014 at NRECA (4301 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, Virginia 22203) in Northern Virginia, USA.   The subject Event is just 2 weeks away.  Details are provided in the attached flyer.

As part of this Special Event, we will provide an Exclusive Film Screening: “For the Benefit of All Beings”, a documentary film about the extraordinary life of Garchen Rinpoche, during lunch break on April 12, 2014.  Also, during the official 3-Jewel Refuge ceremony on April 12, Garchen Rinpoche will grant Bodhisattva vows to any participants who wish to receive, keep and practice.

In preparation for the Special Yamantaka Event, we encourage everyone to always strive to cultivate precious Bodhicitta and meditate on loving-kindness and compassion, in particular to recite with mindfulness and accumulate peaceful Manjushri mantras (OM WAM GI SHWARI MUM) as many as possible.

Specific details including on-line event pre-registration & payment, event agenda and schedule, venue information, nearby hotels and restaurants can now be found on DDSC Home Page at   Pre-Registration is strongly encouraged.

Due to the nature of Yamantaka empowerment, there will be no live video streaming.  We will reserve an area for those who wish to bring their own meditation cushions.

We rejoice that many dharma brothers, sisters and friends from different parts of the country have registered to attend this Special Yamantaka Event.  And we expect many more to join.  It will be very fortunate and blessed for us to receive this rarely given empowerment and teachings from Garchen Rinpoche.

We look forward with great joy to your participation.

May all activities be auspicious!

Boards of Directors



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